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Lab Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are grown in controlled laboratory environments that replicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop. Just like natural diamonds, they are made of carbon and are chemically and optically indistinguishable.

We now offer lab grown diamonds for our engagement rings. To ensure you make the best decision when determining which diamond is right for you, we've outlined everything you know about lab grown diamonds below.


Natural diamonds have hundreds of years of pricing history as well as a finite supply, making them rarer and better able to hold value over time. Since there is a continuous supply of lab growns, there is less certainty regarding their long-term value. The infinite supply of lab grown diamonds makes them less expensive than natural diamonds so it is important to note that the pricing for lab grown diamonds is less stable, ultimately resulting in less certainty of their long-term value. If you’re ever thinking about trading in your ring or trading up in the future, we advise going with a mined diamond. If you don’t think that’s something that you want to do and you just want the biggest diamond possible for your budget, a lab grown diamond can be a great option.


Just like with natural diamonds, the larger the carat weight, the rarer the lab grown diamond becomes. Lab grown diamonds are graded for color and clarity in the same way natural diamonds are. All modern shapes are readily available.